Tantra of Living and Dying with Sudheer

we have great news for you! ;)

As the last event of this year we would like to invite you to a very special online course: Tantra of Living and Dying with Sudheer from 7th to 10th December at 19:00-21:30.

• Do you feel that you aren’t living your life to its full potential?

• Are you overwhelmed by too cautious approach to everything – stuck in an attitude of “but what if?”

• Are you faced with your own death, or of a loved one?

• Do you want to deepen your meditation? 

Then… it is for YOU! A great gift for yourself in these “new” times! A real life-changing experience!

"The man who is ready to meet death with absolute spontaneity, he alone is ready to live as well. Life and death are both aspects of the same phenomenon. That's why I say: look at death." Osho

More information in this nice presentation

Book your place here - special price for the first 10 participants!

There will be a free 45 minute taster on November 30 at 19:00 - sign up required.

Hope to see you there and connect with each other again! :)

Much love,

Sarid, Girisha and Sandro

Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/234182161988791